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Chicken Goujons
Breaded chicken breast goujons with salad & a BBQ Dip £5.25 (4 pieces) / £7.95 (8 piece sharer)
Garlic Mushrooms
Served in a creamy garlic sauce & crusty bread £5.25
Prawn Cocktail
Served with salad, Marie Rose sauce £6.25
5 fluffy doughballs
Served with a side of garlic butter & salsa dip 
Cheesy Doughballs
5 cheesy stuffed doughballs
Served with a side of garlic butter & salsa dip 
Mixed Doughballs
Best of both worlds! 4 fluffy and 4 cheesy doughballs
Served with a side of garlic butter & salsa dip  
Homemade soup of the day
Please ask staff, served with crusty bread £5.25
Mozzarella Sticks
Served with salad and sweet chilli dip£5.25 (4 pieces) / £7.95 (8 piece sharer)
Loaded Sharer (for two)
2 chicken goujons, 2 halloumi sticks, 2 scampi bites, 2 mozzarella sticks, nachos with dips. Served with salad £9.95
Ultimate Loaded Sharer (for four)
Our loaded sharer as above but doubled up! £15.95
Grilled Halloumi Sticks
Served with salad and salsa dip£5.75 (4 pieces) £8.50 (8 piece sharer
Loaded Nachos
Topped with cheese, salsa, sour cream & guacamole£5.25 (4 pieces) £7.95 (8 piece sharer)


Generously stuffed wraps - all served with side salad.
Add chips for £1.50
Prawn Marie Rose
Served with lettuce£5.50
Tuna Mayo
Served with lettuce and cucumber£5.50
Sweet Chilli Chicken
Served with lettuce£5.50
Hot Chicken Goujons
3 goujons, served with BBQ sauce, cheese & lettuce£5.50


Full salad including iceberg lettuce, mixed leaves, tomatoes, cucumber, red onion, orange, coleslaw, grated carrot, pickled beetroot. Plus your choice of topping.
Add chips for £1.50
Tuna Mayo
Prawn Marie Rose


All burgers come with chunky chips and a side salad
Cheese Burger
Prime beef burger topped with melted cheese£7.95
Classic £6.60
Black Bull Burger
Prime beef burger with bacon and cheese£8.95
The Ultimate Fat Boy Burger
Prime beef burger topped with breaded chicken goujons, bacon, melted cheese, BBQ sauce, spiked with homemade onion rings£12.50
Smothered Chicken Burger
Chicken breast topped with bacon, cheese & BBQ sauce, spiked with homemade onion rings£10.95
Chicken Mayo Burger
Breaded chicken goujons with lettuce & mayo£9.50
Sloppy Joe
Prime Beef Burger topped with homemade chilli con carne & melted cheese£10.95
Chilli Cheese Burger
Prime beef burger topped with homemade chilli and cheese£9.95
Halloumi Burger
Served with lettuce, tomato & salsa spiked with our homemade onion rings
Want to make this burger GF?. Request a gluten free bread bun

Add to your burger
Chilli Con Carne - £1.50
Bacon - £1.00
Fried Mushrooms - £1.00
Fried Onions - £1.00
Extra Burger 1.99


12" Pizza base with tomato purée topped with cheese£8.00
Classic £7.50
12" Pizza base with tomato purée topped with pepperoni and cheese£8.50
Classic £7.95
Veggie Pizza
12" Pizza base with tomato purée topped with mushrooms,red onions, tomato & cheese£8.95
The Smokey One
12" Pizza base with BBQ sauce topped with BBQ pulled porm, sweetcorn, red onion and cheese£10.95
The Hot One
12" Pizza base topped with homemade chilli con carne, mushrooms, chilli flakes and cheese.£10.95

Add extra toppings
Mushrooms - £1.00
Tomatoes - 95p
Red Onion - 95p
Pepperoni - £1.50
Bacon £1.50
Sweetcorn £1.00

Main Courses

12oz Gammon (GF)
Full horseshoe gammon served with free range egg & caramelised peach, chunky chips, salad and peas£12.95
Our Celebrated homemade steak and ale pie
Served with chunky chips and peas£10.95
Classic £8.50
Minted Lamb Steak (GF)
Local cut of lamb, served with chunky chips or mash, peas & salad£10.95
Thick Pork Chops (GF)
Two thick pork chops, served with apple sauce, salad, chunky chips and peasDouble £21.95
Single £9.95
Classic £8.50
8oz Rump Steak
21 day aged prime rump steak cooked to your preference, served with chunky chips, salad, caramelised onions & mushrooms, beer battered onion rings and peas£13.50
10oz Ribeye Steak
Full flavoured and well marbled - a meat lovers cut. Our chef recommends this medium to well done.
Served with chunky chips, salad and caramelised onions, mushrooms, beer battered onion rings & peas.
16oz Rump Steak
21 day aged prime rump steak cooked to your preference, served with chunky chips, salad, caramelised onions, closed cup mushrooms, beer battered onion rings and peas£18.50
Black Bull Grill
6oz rump steak, 6oz gammon steak, 4oz lamb steak, pork sausages, served with caramelised onions & mushrooms, egg, beer battered onion rings, chunky chips, peas and salad£20.95
Sauces to compliment your steak
Homemade peppercorn sauce or Stilton sauce£3.95
Add Whitby scampi to your steak
Homemade chips with all our meals
Cheesy Bacon Mash | Caramelised Onion Mash | Whole Grain Mustard Mash
Horseradish Mash | Spicy Chilli Mash | Blue Cheese Mash | Sour Cream & Garlic Mash
All With Double Cream Volcano
All-Day Breakast
2 Sausages, 2 Bacon Rashers, tomatoes, mushrooms, beans, hash browns and 2 eggs.
Add toast and butter to your all day breakfast for £1.00
Small Fresh Haddock
Beer battered fresh local haddock, served with chunky chips, salad and mushy peas£8.50 Classic £7.50
Large Fresh Haddock
Beer battered local haddock, served with chunky chips, salad and mushy peas£11.95
Hunters Chicken
Chicken breast wrapped in bacon, smothered in BBQ sauce with melted cheese, served with chunky chips, peas and salad£11.50
Farmhouse chicken
Whole chicken breast oven baked in Stilton, pork & double cream, chunky chips, peas and salad£12.50
Wholetail Scampi
Served with chunky chips, salad and garden peas£9.95
Classic £8.50
Curry of the day (GF)
Tikka, Korma, Balti and Jafrezi curry sauces
With rice, chunky chips, naan bread, and mango chutney
Classic £8.50
Chilli Con Carne
Served with rice and tortilla crisps£9.95
Classic £7.95
Homemade Beef Lasagne
Served with garlic bread and salad£12.50
Hot Baguettes
All served with chunky chips and salad
Choose From
  • Steak melt with fried onions & melted cheese
  • Prawns in Maria Rose sauce
  • Chicken goujons, cheese & BBQ sauce
  • Beef
  • Tuna Melt
  • Steak & Ale
Classic £7.95

Our Famous Homemade Loaf Tin Giant Yorkshire Puddings

With Topside of Beef
Classic £8.80
With pork sausages
Classic £6.95
With Homemade Steak & Ale
Classic 7.95
With Homemade Steak & Ale
Classic £8.95
With gravy

Classic Price


Sandwiches are offered in white or brown bread with a side salad
Add chips for £1.50
Tuna Mayo
Prawn Marie Rose

Jacket Potatoes

All served with side salad
Beans and Cheese
Steak and Ale
Chilli Con Carne

Vegetarian Options

Creamy Broccoli & Cheese Bake (GF)
Served with chunky chips or jacket, peas & salad£9.50
Spinach and Ricotta Cannelloni
Served with chunky chips or jacket potato, salad and garlic bread£9.50
Butternut, Goats Cheese & Beet Burger (GF)
Served with salad, chunky chips, or jacket potato£9.50
Sweet Potato & chickpea curry (GF)
Served with rice, naan bread & mango chutney£9.50

Add Extras

Cheesy Chips
Bread and Butter
Battered Onion Rings
Garlic bread
Garlic bread with cheese

Traditional Pudding Menu   All £4.95

All served with your choice of cream, ice cream or custard
Hot Chocolate Fudge Cake
Served with ice cream or custard
Treacle Sponge (GF)
Sticky Toffee Pudding (GF)
Chocolate Brownie
Apple Crumble
Rhubarb & Apple Crumble
Belgian Waffle
With ice cream, cream, chocolate sauce, maple syrup, fudge and chocolate pieces
Strawberry Waffle
Served with strawberries, strawberry ice cream, mini marshmellows & strawberry sauce
Banana Split
Spotted Dick

Kids Corner all £5.95

Chicken Breast Bites | Cheese & Tomato Pizza
Sausages | Fish Fingers, Whitby Scampi
Served with chips or salad and peas or beans
Homemade Beef or Veg Lasagne
With chips and garlic bread
Cheese Burger & Chips

Soft Ice Cream Sundaes - all £4.95

All topped with squirty cream
Chocolate Brownie Sundae
Fresh Strawberry Sundae
Toffee Crunch Sundae
Chocolate Honeycomb Sundae
Malteser Sundae
Fresh Peach Sundae

Ice Cream

Choose from vanilla, chocolate and strawberry
Kids Ice Cream
Kids Jelly & Ice Cream
Choice of Chocolate, Strawberry or Toffee sauce.£1.75
Ice Cream Cone
Large Ice Cream
Extra toppings - all 75p
Mini Marshmallows,Chocolate Chunk,Smarties,Strawberries

Sunday Carvery - £9.95

Silverside of beef, leg of pork, turkey crown or glazed gammon, homemade Yorkshire puddings, roast potatoes, mashed potatoes, stuffing balls, 5 fresh veg, meat juice gravy and sauces

2 Carveries
Child's Carvery
(Under 12s only)£5.50
Small Adult
Large Carvery, Giant Loaf Tin Yorkshire Pudding & Extra Meat

Day Specials

All Day Monday, Tuesday
£3.00 Off Our Beef Steaks and Mixed Grill
Thursday is Curry Day - All Day at Classic Price
Thai Green Curry, Madras, Korma, Tikka Masala, Balti
All Gluten Free
All Day Friday is Fish Day
Fresh Scarborough Haddock or Whitby Scampi 2 for £16.50